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Winter Wear Advice

blimzwblimzw Posts: 17
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Would like advice on how to dress for the Australian autumn/winter/spring! In Melbourne particularly. Winter mornings are sub 10 without wind chill and Autumn/Spring mornings are around 12 without wind chill. Ive bought myself leg warmers, thermal base layer long sleeves and winter socks from DHB but was wondering if I need proper gloves (I have short finger ones), toe covers, long sleeve jerseys or jackets or gillets? I am so confused! It will be my first winter of riding.


  • I remember being at the beach some days in the "winter" in Melbourne!

    At those temperatures here in the UK I'd normally be in summer jersey, arms warmers, base layer, gilet if needed (easy to stick in a back pocket), and maybe knee warmers. A full jacket seems like overkill. Toe covers are great unless it's really p***ing down.

    9c and rainy on the club run this morning. There were some guys in shorts and short sleeve Gabbas, and some in full winter gear. So it's finding what's right for you. On my first cold ride I wore a big ugly Decathlon waterproof jacket over a winter jersey. After ten miles I was soaked in sweat. So took it off and then froze!
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    I was in Melbourne last week. It's going into their summer now ? Are you planning ahead ?
  • 12C is still about tolerable for short sleeves and shorts if it's dry!
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Highs of 33 this weekend though....
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