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Rear Shifting Issues

bungle73bungle73 Posts: 758
edited November 2015 in MTB workshop & tech
In the summer, after many years of sitting in the garage, I decided to get on my bike again. The shifting wasn't happening as smoothly as it should, which I put down to corroded cables (they were the same ones that came with the bike), so I changed both inners, and every was fine...until now. Now, suddenly, the rear isn't working properly again. Now, matter how I adjust it I cannot get it to go smoothly both up and down the cassette.

I don't think it's the derailleur, because if I move it with my fingers it moves smoothly up and springs back with no problem.

Could it be a faulty shifter? It's the one that came with the bike, so now is quite old and well used (I bought the bike in 1999). It's Shimano, but I have no idea what model as it doesn't say. It's just plain black plastic.

I have a couple of STC-RC shifters laying about that I could replace it with. Worth a shot? Or any other ideas?

I don't have a proper work stand, so I'm having carry out the adjustments with the wheel hub resting on the side of a box, so I can turn the cranks.


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