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Hi all....long time lurker, but newbie...

Have been commuting for a while, and, believe it or not, am looking forward to autumn/winter.... I am very keen on being seen...and as well as everything else, I am keen on those valve lights or wheel lights....

I have had a couple of pairs of the cheapo China made LED ones that screw on my presta valves, and also some silicon 'wing' type ones that weave between a couple of spokes. Whilst these things are fine....for the price...less than a fiver for both!....they are cheap as chips...."made in China" at its very worst.

Does anyone know of any decent/proper makes of these lights....?

Many thanks.


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    I've often just bought the cheapest set off Ebay and run them for the winter. Replace the following winter. The are good to be seen given the motion of the wheel and the side on vision too.
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  • Thanks for such a swift reply!

    I agree...but this autumn...I'm now on my second Cheapy pair! The issue is, when I screw them on to my presta valve...the little thin screw/thread on the actual valve us too long - or the light's casing too short, so is causing issues. Upon closer inspection, last years set - ridden to destruction, had a threaded section for attaching to the valve about 2mm better fit on to the valve.

    I am assuming it is such a lottery regarding quality and fit because they are cheepies....I hoped some quality ones will "fit correctly"...?
  • Last year my partner bought me I think they're called monkey lights. A shaped bit of circuit board and a cable to the hub mounted battery pack. Through a flick of several switches you can change the pattern seen in the led lights. From skull to space invaders and a few colour combinations too. It looks well made if a bit naked with the electronics on show.

    Yet to put it on the bike but this year I will, as soon as I'm back riding. I think everything helps in the dark.
  • I was looking at Monkey Lights yesterday. You can get a pair of cartoon characters that look like they're running. Very funny, although the novelty might wear off.

    Spoke straws give off a decent reflection
  • Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I have reflective spoke straws, and agree they are good. I now however have a bee in my bonnet...and have taken on the mission of finding a solution...

    I am going to get these

    My bike is from Decathlon (Btwin Fit 500 flat bar road bike), which I love and frankly can not believe the value for money it, perhaps these little lights will be a natural solution..
  • Well...I got them, the Decathlon ones...and so far...they are fan-blumin-tastic!!

    Feel solid. They are very bright and they are very easily turn off and onable! Once 'turned on', they are very motion sensitive so light up readily. When stationary they switch off after about 5 seconds of no movement.

    So far, so good.

    For what I wanted...these are it.
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    Just had a look; the biggest thing for me would be the 16 hours of battery life. I'd need to replace them every 1.5 weeks.
  • ...that is a fair point.

    Hopefilully I'll get a month and a half out of each batch of batteries...will see!