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Cyclocross to Road Bike (Specialized Tarmac Sport 2015)

AWD_592AWD_592 Posts: 7
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Hi all,

Just signed up - I bought a Boardman CX Comp Cyclocross bike around 6/7 months ago and I've been using it alot on the road. I've just recently decided to upgrade, I've ordered a Specialized Tarmac 2015 Sport.

I just wondered, realistically what kind of differences should I expect when riding on the road? Also general thoughts on the Tarmac 2015 Sport? I haven't found alot of reviews online unfortunately.



  • Cant comment specifically on that bike but on a road bike you will likely feel the bumps more. I recently purchased a CX bike to commute to work which replaced a full on road bike. I am not significantly slower on my CX bike despite fatter knobbly tyres. Cant say there is a hell of a lot of difference beyond the fact its just a nicer bike to ride than my old one.
  • I started witha CX, and got a road bike (Dolan Prefissio).

    The biggest differences are harsher ride, due to skinnier tyres; more stretched out riding position (The tarmac is a race bike I believe); lower bottom bracket.

    Upside is you'll travel faster and with less effort onthe skinnier tyres :-)

    TBH, I interchange both onthe road, as I bought a 2nd set of wheels for my CX, and put road tyres on them.

    For me, on my bikes, the biggest difference is braking between disc on my cx and rim brakes on my road bike, esp in the wet!

    Oh, and I can fit proper mudguards on my road bike for this time of year :-)
  • I have an older Tarmac sport, it's a great frame but was massively let down by the awful Axis wheels and shitty Axis brakes. Since I put a pair of Zondas and full 5800 on (was 5700), I absolutely love it.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    Probably not as much difference as you'd hoped - depending on what tyres you were on before.

    If I had to choose just one bike to live with - I'd go cross bike with fattish road tyres on. They do it all.

    I'd be fitting guards if you can too. Road bikes without in winter aren't much fun.
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    It will have a more stretched out head down riding position and you will feel the bumps and buzz from the road alot more. If you are used to disc brakes also braking, especially in the wet will be noticeably worse. If you are after a faster bike it should be ideal with the harder gearing.
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