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Rim brake type

jawoogajawooga Posts: 530
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I've a Kona Jake the Snake 2010 cx which I must have had brake pads replaced in the past, but am doing it now myself and have been sourcing the brake pads.

My brakes look just like this image, but the pads are slightly different (in fact as link below).

However, I've just been in to a reputable LBS to by pads, and took my existing pads for reference. They spent some time asking if I was really sure that my brakes were cantis, because what I had bought in looked like the pads off V brakes. From looking at what was in the shop, I was indeed holding V brake pads. The canti pads on sale seemed to have a much wider diameter shaft and there's no way they would've fitted my brakes.

I've just done a bit of Googling and found this post, which looks just like my set up, but this is from 8 years ago.

So, I suppose my questions are:

1. Are the pictured brakes (and therefore, mine) cantilever?
2. Does it sounds like mine have been made to fit a V brake pad, or just a different type of canti brake pad (thinner shaft)?
3. Does it matter whether my pads are officially canti or v brake pads i.e. performace?
4. Am I being a bit silly, or is the LBS being a bit naive?

Perhaps the weight weenies links where the picture clearly says canti brake "race" is a give-away, but I just want some reassurance! :)



  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    Original canti pads had smooth shafts and fitted like this:


    Modern ones can be designed to use v-brake style canti pads:


    If your old one fit the cantis properly and work, get something similar.
  • jawoogajawooga Posts: 530
    Thanks for the reply. I'm still learning! and have been reading a lot of Sheldon Brown's blog on brake systems. I'll be honest, I hadn't realised that V brakes were a type of cantilever. So when matey in the LBS told me I must have V brakes, based on the pads I bought in, and not cantilever, I was a bit confused. My set up is exactly like your bottom picture, so I think all is good.
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