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It just keeps going

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My trusty old Bighit Expert. It's far from keeping up with current times within the mountain bike industry but it refuses to give up on me. Apart from the front end and replaced some parts of the drivetrain it's pretty much original from 2004. Rear shock is going well and recently serviced by TFtuned. The forks I replaced in august because I felt like it. Went for the 180mm Domain RC because they're pretty much fit and forget and feel great for the price. I still have the 2003 junior t's that came with the bighit gathering dust in the garage.

I am after a new bike and I'm pretty tempted by the Cube Stereo 160 C68 that's due to come out, but I have no interest in selling this. For a start it's probably not worth a lot and I'll probably get less than what I paid for the new forks alone. I think it's gotten to that age now and so far behind times that I'm better off just keeping it till a part of the frame breaks that I can't replace or find a replacement for.

I'm in the middle of stripping it for painting so all the stickers are off it just now, but couldn't resist taking it for a good wet ride yesterday before I strip the paint and get it in the spray booth.

Forgive me for the censored pictures. They're the only ones I could find.

22704392765_c721947c18_b.jpg20150824_185623[1] by paul, on Flickr

22516451160_07e2152fea_b.jpg20151102_080913[1] by paul, on Flickr


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