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Winter is coming!

mrivan77mrivan77 Posts: 3
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I'm new to the forum. I currently ride a hybrid with 26x1.95 tyres. Can anyone recommend a good winter tyre in this size?



  • What sort of riding?

    Fast road? Shared path pooling?

    And what do you want out of the tyre?

    I have a old MTB which mostly is shared path pootling and cross country MTB tyre are great for this sort of thing, not slow, though a road race tyre will be a bit faster, but have huge amounts of grip.

    Winter riding is vague term are trying to avoid punctures get more grip etc?
  • Well grip mainly, I guess. I'm looking for something for a general commute (road and shared path) that will lessen the chances of loosing the bike from under me when we start to get frosty mornings. I don't want to stop riding just because of a bit of frozen water!
  • bompingtonbompington Posts: 7,674
    When it comes to ice, it doesn't make a lot of difference what tyres you put on - unless you actually get studded tyres: a worthwhile solution for my Scottish back-road commuting but possible overkill in most parts of the UK.
  • If all tarmac then I recommend narrow slick tyres, 25-32mm. 1.95 inches is too big for road. Big, knobbly tyres for off road only, you can use them but the knobbles wear out and they are very slow, noisy and heavy. Bompington is right, if it is frosty then all rubber slips anyway.

    The exception is fresh snow when knobbles are ok-ish until it compacts but this is unusual.

    I suggest you try Wiggle>MTB slick tyres and take your pick. The best way of riding wet,leafy or muddy tarmac paths is don't brake or turn suddenly.

    I hope you enjoy your ride.


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