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New FS MTB Cannondale Trigger 4

rjbonnellrjbonnell Posts: 170
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I've been road cycling for the last 2 years but have now decided to try and get into MTB riding as our cycling club has a large MTB membership and go on regular rides.

I had been looking for a new bike at about a £1,000 and couldn't decide on a hard tail or FS but in the end went for a FS Cannondale Trigger 4 27.5" from Paul's Cycles.

I just managed to snag one of the last medium Trigger 4's on the last day they had stock, I'd been hesitant because of my lack of knowledge & the cost.

This is my first mtb since owning a Carrera Vengeance about 4 years ago and boy, how things have changed!

At 5ft 10 I thought the best size would be the medium (this is what Paul's Cycles recommended).

Once I had put it all together I couldn't get over how big it seems compared to the vengeance. The front end seems very tall & when the saddle is set at the right height I can hardly touch the floor, the bars are very wide too!!

Am I right in thinking that all modern bikes of this style are quite tall at the front due to the forks? It may feel strange because I've come from a road bike and have only ever ridden a 26" wheeled hard tail?

When looking over the bike I was checking the rear shock and noticed 2 silver marks on the bridge between the 2 chambers, does anyone else that have these marks on their shock (see pic)?





  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    More travel and the bigger wheels creates higher front end - but depends on the headtube/bars/and stem too.

    The suspension should sag under your weight somewhat - touching the floor is not a consideration for designers, correct height for pedaling depends on pedal to saddle, floor doesn't come into it. Though it can add confidence if you need to put a foot down - something you need to get used to.
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