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Buyer protection paypal etc

londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
edited October 2015 in Road buying advice
Apologies for the basic question but what are the pitfalls of the various payment options online?

I'm after something on ebay from a shop in Hungary. They've asked that we use Paypal outside of ebay to save them the 10% ebay fees. They'll send me an invoice in paypal so I'm assuming they don't want a Paypal gift or whatever they're called.

I'm guessing that as my Paypal account is linked to my credit card, I'd have protection under both Paypal and the credit card if anything goes wrong but is that right?

I guess I could just use my credit card to pay for it instead as Paypal does seem a bit of an unnecessary step but as the buyer isn't asking for that, I suppose I'd be mad to lose that extra protection?

They seller seems fairly legit but is it a lot of money. Not sure I fear being out and out defrauded more that it turns up slightly battered or not quite as described. It would be great to have some comeback at that point.

Many thanks for your wise advice.


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