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Headset identification help

jjshjjsh Posts: 142
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Can anyone identify what type of headset standard this is? It's from a Paul Milnes Pro Team. The top race is a sealed cartridge bearing (shimano), which appears to sit directly in the frame, like an integrated headset would. In fact, it looks just like an integrated headset! The frame appears machined to accept it, again, just like the integrated one on my Tifosi. The bottom however, is a old fashioned bearing race, and cup, and the frame appears to have a cup pressed into the frame, so I'm a bit confused as to what type of headset it is. Any ideas?

Here is a poor photo of the bearings ~


  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,316
    Cannot make anything of those picture, but as you describe it , it's a semi-integrated headset.
    Bearings IN the headtube, but still races have to pressed in.
  • jjshjjsh Posts: 142
    Thanks for the reply ~ I've had a closer look at the frame, and now I'm not so sure that the top bearing surface is machined in, it might be a pressed in cup like the bottom, which, as you say, would make it a semi integrated headset. I've ordered a Headset Cup Remover and see if I can get them out.
  • jjshjjsh Posts: 142
    Ok, headset bearing cup remover has arrived. Bottom cup - pressed in, and the cup remover 'engages' and will no doubt pop out. The top, however, is 100% definitely not a pressed in cup, it is machined into the top tube itself, just like an integrated headset.

    So, what standard is this? Pressed in bottom, integrated top?

    Help! :D
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,316
    Maybe the headset itself is full integrated and the frame designer has designd a cup in the bottom of the headtube for durability , this cup as a part of the frame.
    In that case the cup should not be removed ever.
    Do both bearings have the same dimensions?
  • jjshjjsh Posts: 142
    Ok, the lower bearing race that sits in the pressed in cup is 7mm high, and 31 mm in diameter. Here is a better photo;

    The upper bearing race, the one that sits directly in the machined in surface of the frame is 6mm high and 40mm in diameter. Again, a better photo;

    Any ideas folks?
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