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La Passione Winter Tights

devonboydevonboy Posts: 45
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Over the summer I followed the bib shorts thread and ended up buying myself a couple of pairs of La Passione summer classic bibshorts with Cytec pads.Absolutely brilliant,superbly comfortable.

Fast forward to autumn and I ordered a pair of their Winter Tights,which arrived today.I expected the same level of padding but beware these tights have a much smaller pad which appears to be a gel type.A quick ride confirmed the hardness of the padding and general meanness of the pads.They felt quite uncomfortable on first impression.

Am I missing something when it comes to winter tights?

Looking at their returns policy it states that garments must be unwashed and unworn,but how can you establish whether something is comfortable or not without trying them?


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I agree but with this type of thing you cant exactly sell it on second hand.

    Have you tried contacting them to regarding your disappointment? I recall they were good at getting in touch.
  • Yes I dropped them an email.Somewhat confusingly they are saying that they can (will) arrange a change or a refund,and then go on to re-state their returns policy.

    Anyway I have just emailed back again asking them how to return the bib shorts.What makes this so disappointing is that the summer bib shorts solved a long standing problem with under carriage soreness and now I am back to square one with regard to winter cycling.It seems that the top end Cytec pads suit me so a trip to the Rapha outlet beckons me thinks.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Why not get some unpadded tights and wear them over the top? Problem solved!
  • Yes that is a solution.Currently in Autumn conditions I am wearing running tights over my La Passione summer shorts,but later on in winter I prefer tights with the Roubaix type fleece material.Up to now I have always used long tights with bib,but that is probably a lack of lateral thinking on my part.

    La Passione have now agreed to take back my bib shorts,so their customer service has come through.
  • lakesludditelakesluddite Posts: 1,337
    I'm hoping to keep wearing my LP summer shorts paired with leg warmers over winter, unless it's around the 0c mark or under - the leg warmers are quite high on my legs so there's just the 'upper' area that will not have the roubaix fabric around it (and I suppose I could get a pair of the thermal shorts if it becomes really cold in the nether regions). After buying a couple of pairs of the LP bibs, I can't see myself getting any other shorts/tights/bib knicks without the same Cytech pad -it's been a revelation this year, so much better than anything I've had before.
    I'm guessing the reason the tights have a 'lesser' pad is they suppose people won't be riding for as long during the winter, so don't need a pad for long hours in the saddle? Perhaps.
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    I'm the same.

    I have some Rapha PT shorts and these, and the 2 are my go-to for longer rides. I have several pairs of fantastic padded tights (which I will need daily for commuting so cant save for best!) and now also some rapha deep winter (unpadded) tights I can put over the top if needed for weekend rides.

    As for the pad etc - why not ask?
  • Just got back from a cold (5 degrees C), two-hour ride in the Classic Winter tights I've had for a month or so and my first impression is still valid - I think they're really bloody good. Having used them half a dozen times now, they're plenty warm, after the first few minutes, far more comfortable (to me) than my assos summer bibs and very nearly as comfortable as those same assos summer bibs with Rapha's unpadded winter tights over the top - my usual winter kit.
    The quality appears really good, the pad is unusual but very comfy and they came in a cool musette bag. I paid full whack but they're on sale at £70 at the moment - bargain.

    That's my ten cents!
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