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Carrera Hellcat 2015 29er or Btwin Rockrider 560

HunteRetnuHHunteRetnuH Posts: 6
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This is my second post here, and I am guilty of a bit of buyer's remorse. I have placed an order on the Btwin, which I know gets universal praise, but there are a few things that's making me hesitate.

Firstly. I have paid and am waiting on a build and shipment from Decathlon, and I paid £299 for this, which I know is an amazing price. I have researched Decathlon and found that their service can be a bit hit and miss, and that I could potentially be waiting weeks for the order, which makes me think - what if I needed to return this? how easy would it be and would It be a hassle.

The Carrera Hellcat 29er seems like a decent bike, apart from the folks being "rubbish", however, there is a Hallfords near me, so if I had any trouble, I could always return it a lot easier. I am also attracted to the 29er wheels.

What do you guys think? I'm sure I'll get there in the end.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    The Rockrider is leagues ahead in every department.

    No comparison.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,792
    +1 not even close, by comparison with the 560 almost all the Carrera is rubbish, not just the forks, don't even think again about cancelling the order!
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  • I've just taken delivery of a Rockrider 560 on Tuesday. Arrived on time after a week which is what it said at the time of order, I was notified the day before, loads of info etc.

    Bike came well package, straightened the handlebars, put on the peddles, and I was expecting some time to adjust gears, brakes etc. but no, it has been well put together, and everything is pretty much spot on.

    As well as a decent set of SPD peddles (that I wasn't expecting) it came with a free set of lights too. They're cheap, but still. If I do have any problems with it, then it is a pain as I'm in Brighton and the nearest store is a bit of a trek, but I'll take that on the value of the bike.

    The bike itself looks great, is light by anything comparable at this price, and so far I'm more than happy that I went down this route. If you're worried about customer service, bike build etc. then Halfords certainly wouldn't be my first port of call if I cancelled an order from Decathlon. If you're after a personal service and maintenance for the lifetime of your bike, you can't beat building a relationship with your LBS, even if it does cost you a bit more.
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