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What shorts?



  • mattyfezmattyfez Posts: 638
    How bizarre that you would apply rational thinking to anything to do with mountain biking. It's a very strange mindset to go into something a frivolous as mountain biking and then start talking about value. It's all a waste of money. Every penny you will ever spend on mountain biking is mental.

    And just because you can't tell the difference in quality between the censored they sell in Aldi and something decent doesn't mean that difference doesn't exist.

    Humvees, they are awesome.

    Frivolous? I just ride a bike and like stuff that works right at the right £/smile

    Indeed.. The humvees might be the best part of £50 but they come with padded inners which I've never bothered with but actually do make a difference on longer rides 3hrs plus.

    They are purpose built for the job, comfy so I don't mind the price after ruining several pairs of casual shorts over the last year. I got camo ones which are kinda blue /black.. They look pretty cool do I can wear them as casual shorts too.
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