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Opinions on these trail bikes

dellydeldellydel Posts: 6
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This is my first post on the forum so hello to everyone. I have however been reading a lot of the content for some time.

I am looking to purchase my first full suspension trail bike in the new year but I was wondering if anyone can offer any opinions on the bikes I've narrowed it down to and ideally give some owner's opinions.

I started riding at the start of the year on a cube hard tail and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Mainly riding trails at Cannock chase and done some other stuff over the long mynd etc. Haven't managed Wales this year yet but plan to do some trips next year. Based on this I reckon the 120mm category travel bike should suit my needs. I also want something that climbs efficiently as I do enjoy the up's as well as the downs.

So I've got four bikes I definitely want to try and demo at some point before I commit and these are;

Whyte 130s or 130rs 2016 versions or

Commencal meta trail 2016

La Pierre zesty XM427 (none ei version)

Specialized camber comp 2016 (and buy dropper post)

So, what do you guys think, any opinions?




  • The whytes would be my choice and I'd pay extra for the better spec of the RS if I could afford to. Commencal I hear good things about (though your link is just to a homepage).

    All other links are dead - though won't be as good as above.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,792
    You've copied and pasted the text from wherever else you asked the question (mbr it seems) and it's truncated the hyperlinks, you need to post the right links (and not treat us as second best - lol!)
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  • Haha, yeah I've now updated the links!

    I think they all have the merits, the Whyte 130RS is probably my favorite at the moment in all honesty. But I would also really like to try a Commencal Trail, as I think the figures make for a cracking ride. Not sure where I could demo one of them though?
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