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XC Training

It's probably been asked before, but I'll ask again :roll: :lol:

I wanna start training for XC races but I have no idea about how I would train for them :?:

Is it best to go for long distance hikes, I usually do around 20miles around The New Forest, or stick to short hacks 3-5miles and concentrate on max effort & laps?

Does anyone on here take part in XC races? I'd be interested in finding out how you train and where.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,468
    Depends on the type of terrain / races you intend riding some flatter than others. Recently did Evans mtb rideit event and for training I do approx 12 mile laps of cannocks dog and monkey trails as fast as possible rather than stopping at each section finish like a lot do. I also have a local blue trail at a place called hicks lodge which is roughly 4miles graded blue and flat, I do several laps of this as fast as possible as its constant pedalling to build up endurance. I am hoping to do some long distance type XC events myself next year. Basically you need to be able to pedal whatever distance the event is at race pace non stop. The fitter you are the better, but remember no good being fit if off-road skills aren't that good and visa versa. Have a look on British Cycling website for advice as well as XC website.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Yes, what events? Traditional XC lapped races, or marathons? Which category?

    Riding fast isn't really that useful. If you want to get quicker than intervals are the way to go. But you ideally need a good solid base fitness. So it depends entirely where you're starting from. I'd focus on getting lots of decent rides done between now and the new year, I'm a fan of 20-minute efforts at a reasonable pace within steady rides, then throw in some shorter intervals come the new year. Impossible to really advise online without knowing anything about you though
  • I've been um'ing and r'ing over entering the New Forest 2hr XC event next month. It's a 3mile loop and obviously the duration is 2hrs.

    ATM I'm doing anywhere between 15-20 miles around the New Forest, Marchwood/Beaulieu area, a mixture of trail and road(not so much road though) and it normally takes about 1 1/2hrs to complete. It's not as technical as I'd like it to be, but there are a few short sharp inclines included.
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