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Surprise Surprise... Another "What Tyres?" Thread...

CookehCookeh Posts: 351
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Currently got some 2.2 WTB Mutano's on my bike, but finding they're not coping very well with the majority of the stuff I'm riding now that I've moved to Sheffield (lots of Peaks based stuff, odd trail centre thrown in here and there). Looking for something with more of a profile, better grip in the wet/roots/rocks and most importantly better mud-shedding - did a ride over on Wimble Womble hill and I was pretty much riding slicks after the first 30 seconds.

Biggest concern is clearance; I have a 2010 Recon Race fork on 26" rims and I'd say I have about an inch or so of clearance left between the top of the tread on the Mutano's and the arch of the fork.

I've been looking at some 2.4 Maxxis Ardents but I'm not sure they'd clear (any ideas?!). I've read the 2.2s are not as good and lack cornering grip. Also been looking at 2.4 Minions (apparently quite small for 2.4s) but again worried about clearance. I've also been recommended some 2.35 Nobby Nics on the Trailstart compound, but I know very little about them and the ones I was looking at on flatoutcycles (half the price for very little wear seems good to me!) dont specify a model year.

Any other recommendations?

Cheers guys,


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