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pinnopinno Posts: 46,223
edited October 2015 in The bottom bracket
It's time we dealt with this cross dressing itinerant plonker of dubious gender and spurious intent.
seanoconn - gruagach craic!

Choose from the following list (D'oh) 13 votes

Who the farq is Seano?
15% 2 votes
Yes, his Avatar is cr4p but as he is such a [email protected], what does it matter?
30% 4 votes
Seano is a lovely guy but I wouldn't shag him so lay off.
0% 0 votes
Seano is a lovely guy and I would shag him. What a body. What an avatar.
15% 2 votes
His avatar is so bad, the mods should ban him.
7% 1 vote
Let him make a fool of himself, encourage it and we can all have a laugh.
15% 2 votes
I prefer curry and beer to answering stupid poll questions.
7% 1 vote
I'm too much of a cup cake to put my neck on the line and tick one of the options above.
7% 1 vote


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