Grease the freehub?

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If you're fitting a cassette to a freehub? Is it worth applying grease to the freehub splines ?

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    Some professional mechanics do, some don't. I personally put a light smear of ordinary or copper grease on splines, spacers, lock ring threads and where the cogs meet in the belief it will help removal, prevent corrosion and reduce the risk of creaks from the cassette. Can't do any harm and may do some good.
  • keef66
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    Initially I used to lightly grease the freehub splines but I don't bother any more, and just assemble everything spotlessly clean and dry.

    I only use copper grease on pedal threads, threaded BB cups and cleat bolts; - all the bits that are in the firing line for salty spray but that one day you'll need to undo. I use it sparingly too; I find a little seems to go a long way. I'm often finding it in places I didn't put it.