Luggage for ultra-lightweight touring

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Hi. I'm looking to do a three-week, 1500-mile tour of France next year and want to do it using minimal luggage, preferring cheap hotels and B&Bs to camping.

So I'm looking at large(ish) seat-packs up to around 14 litres and handlebar packs up to around 8 litres. I'll be using lightweight drypacks with them, so waterproofing isn't vital. And I definitely don't want panniers and racks.

So far I reckon the Apidura compact handlebar pack looks good, but am having trouble deciding on a seatpack. Does anyone have any experience of these:

Alpkit Koala, Revelate Viscacha, Apidura Saddlepack (mid-size)

They all look pretty good, but would love to hear from anyone with any experience of these, particularly with regard compression, stability, and ease-of-packing.



  • tomisitt
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    Thanks, will take a look
  • pdstsp
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    Hi Tomisitt

    I did both LEJOG and Dunkirk-Perpignan using a Carradice Barley with a support on the back and a topeak tourguide bar bag. I would recommend both.

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    I have the apidura saddlepack (med size) and it's great. I sometimes notice it touching the back of my legs, as I have a lot of saddle setback, and it sways a little when out of the saddle, but it sounds perfect for what you need. It has a large opening too so you can fit tonnes in there.
  • tomisitt
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    Thanks, people. I'm leaning towards the Apidura kit at the moment, unless anyone else has any suggestions.

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    I'm satring to wonder how much lightweight matters in the scheme of things. I've never been a big fan of the four pannier look. This year I took this outfit to France for two weeks B&B and I think I pounded along in great comfort. All I needed, but the bike felt light enough and I didn't really feel any different than on my lightweight bikes.
  • I favour the four front pannier set-up myself, but I ride a steel 26" wheel tourer.