Shimano 105 5800 Front Mech cable snag

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I have recently purchased a Shimano 105 11 speed groupset (5800).
I fitted it to my Kuota Kharma carbon frame that is around 8 years old (no braze on fittings)
The front mech is a braze on type, so I used the band on adapter that was previously on the bike to attach a 105 5600 front mech.
I aligned the mech with the chainring and set the height so its around 2mm above the chainring teeth as per the Shimano instructions.

The problem I am having is that the cable that runs to the front mech is snagging on the body of the mech itself. So when i pull on the gear lever, the cable jumps as it gets caught on the bumps and grooves in the dérailleur body.

There is nothing I can do in terms of moving the dérailleur to alleviate the problem. Its like the derailleur is too far back towards the rear wheel, or that the cable exit point in the frame is too far forward.

Any ideas?


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    Depending on the bolting arrangement you may get enough cable clearance by adding a washer or two between the cable and the derailleur body, so it gets a little more stand-off. Might not be possible if the bolt is drilled for the cable or is very short.