Where is TKM Monday

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Good swim, now work meh

More tea needed


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    Morning Ladies,

    Monday again...

    Nearly finished my bedroom yesterday, waiting for the fella to put the carpet down - thanks God !!!!

    Gym this morning at 6:30 and office time now, off to London later on today.

    Easy ride out yesterday with my local group but definitely I need new tyres !!!

    Have a nice day,

  • Morning Losers!

    I have a week off, so lie-ins and resting is the state of play!

    Scotland were absolutely robbed of their game yesterday. They deserved the win, and Australia should have been sent home. Damn criminals.

    Today, I'm not sure, I might strip my motorbike and take my time over cleaning it as the weather is meant to be nice for a few days. I also think I need some more PS3 time, as that's important.

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    Today will be spent scoping out Cheltenham and starting to look at houses ready to move in January. Can't wait to be able to ride properly again!

    I love moving house, driving around in a van shouting for fuckers to get out of my way.

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    Afternoon, thought I was going onto two weeks of nightshift, found out today I am not. Glad my sleep pattern won't be totally farked!

    Pizza and Forza on the cards this afternoon, no complaints!
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    Hola fudge nudgers,

    Had a day being a tourist in Poitiers today, weather still good so some scenery to ogle at! Home now, pizzas on the cards.........boom!
    Loving life in rural SW France

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    Evening Wasters,

    Had to bog off work early to do Dads taxi duty and sit around being bored at a music concert. Blergh. At.least its a 4 day week this week.
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