Tannus solid tyre review

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Before purchasing I had heard mixed things about them but nothing definitive so I took the plunge. I went from Stan’s no tubes cyclocross wheels with Hutchinson tubeless tyres - a medium range setup I would guess. They felt amazing, made the bike so much faster off the mark, transformed it. Loved them, BUT, when the sealant inside runs out and they no longer self-seal or you get a big puncture then they are a right pain to fix, having to put a tube in then reseat the tyre later with a compressor and put more sealant in. The Tannus tyres won’t go onto a tubeless rim, despite it being a clincher and Tannus telling me they would work.
After I complained they later told me that no, won’t work on a tubeless, EVEN a clincher, bugger. So, undeterred I bought a second hand but barely used set of wheels of the awesome chap that does my servicing for me, some decent MTB disc hubs laced into Alexrims ACE-19s (??).

The wheels are slightly heavier.

First ride this morning and the bike feels noticeably more sluggish. The ride is harsher and cornering feels a bit different as I am guessing the tyre doesn't deform under pressure. I suspect they would feel pretty horrible on a zingy Alu frame, mine is steel with carbon forks.

I think giving it a few more days I will get used to them, complete puncture resistance is not to be sneezed at, plus they are supposed to be good for 9000ks, a LOT longer than the expensive Hutchinsons.
My commute is only 12ks or so, I am seeing the extra effort as a good thing.

So should you get some?
Yes, if you are:
A hipster using your wanky single speed to blow the rodents and spiders out of your beard between spiced pumpkin lattes.
A short to medium distance commuter for whom puncture resistance is more important than all out speed, plus I guess if you are going from a heavily armoured tyre like Specialized Armadillos you won’t see much difference. If I was back on the glass strewn streets of London they would be a no-brainer.
A very occasional “cyclist” who would take your bike to a shop to get a puncture fixed, or, more likely, never ride it ever again.

No, if you are:
Competing in any way with anybody.
Fussy about the feel of your bike or not wanting to ruin a sweet high end ride with tyres that make it feel like a zombie bike.
So there.
I imagine if they suffered a massive gash they would permanently deform, but what are the chances?