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Need help choosing between these bikes.

zypher20zypher20 Posts: 4
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I've recently started cycling to lose weight on my old MTB and want to change it to a hybrid since the gears are clunky (skipping) and I've slightly broken them trying to fix em lol.

I have been looking and sorta narrowed it down to these 3 bikes based on price/equipment.

I am willing to sign up to British cycling which will not only get me a year of 3 Third party cover but also get 10% off at both halfords and (oddly tho last time I was in Halfords the mxsport was £500 despite being £450 online.

Which bike do you recommend for commuting/general leisure. I am still somewhat a committed pavement cycler as I gain more road confidence and I have read a few reviews of the boardman wheels buckling.

Or do you have any other suggestions?


  • Well I've went for the Cube Nature pro 2015 model from CRC as it had the higher rated derailleurs not that that means much to me lol, signed up to British cycling and used the 10% discount for CRC so in total the bike cost £459, not including the £21 it cost to sign up to British cycling as I also get the liability insurance and will no doubt use the 10% off at Halfords in the future too.

    My new bike should arrive tomorrow, hopefully it will arrive early enough and the weather will be good enough to take it for a test run.
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,437
    Looking at the spec you chose the better bike, good luck with it. If you still have the old bike go on YouTube and look up how to fix it, you will soon want a road bike.
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  • Is having front suspension a necessity for you? Unless you're taking it over some pretty rough terrain it may not add anything to the bike other than weight. If you aren't, something like the Boardman Hybrid Comp might suit you better:
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,809
    Pavement cycling? As in the illegal variety?

    The wheels on the Boardmans are from Formula and used on many many bikes, I guess selling more bikes means you may hear more complaints about the Boardman than other manufacturers that use them.

    As above, unless you are going offroad (and more than just gravel tracks) front suspension just adds weight and drag needlessly.

    Also have a look at the newly updated Voodoo Marasa, excellent value, two friends have the older model and love it, the one fits lighter road tyres for long road trips and then MTB tyres and uses it as a rigid mountain bike. The original tyres are quite heavy, decent tyres will lose over 1/2Kg off the weight.
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  • I wouldn't bother with suspension. Too much work keeping them maintained in the winter.

    I have an Evans Pinnacle 4 and it is very good. The tyres are quite heavy but good in winter because punctures are avoided and you can put on lighter ones in the summer months. The frame paintwork is also very good.
  • Currently commuting 10 miles each way on a Boardman Hybrid Comp - great bike for everyday commuting as long as you have no real offroad.
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