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Power Meter for Felt AR3

SimpleSimon123SimpleSimon123 Posts: 8
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There are many posts around on the subject of power and which power meter is the best all subjective of course. I know as I have read a few :D.

I'm really after some advice or first hand experience of which power meter you have brought or fitted to a Felt AR3 with Ultegra 6800 groupset (great bike by the way) or similar setup. I initally started with a Stages power meter but that will not clear the rear direct mount brake, unless I change the brake. I rather put the additional cost towards a differnet power meter setup. Next I looked at the powertap C1 chaining ring and that will not fit with the Ultegra 6800 as its only a 4 bolt fitting.

I don't really want to go down the hub route as only recently upgraded my wheelset (hindsight is such a wonderful thing). So does that leave me with just the choice of Garmin Vectors or Powertap P1 pedals.

Any advice greatfully recevied.


  • ianSWBBianSWBB Posts: 25

    Yes, your best option would be the Powertap P1 pedals

    Alternatively, you'd be looking at switching out the chainset completely, for say a Pioneer or a Power2Max
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Power2max works with Shimano 4 bolt configurations?
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  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,957
    Go for the Powertap p1's.

    I would recommend them to anyone!
    There are a couple of small niggles (mainly how poor the cleats are - they wear very fast) and occasionally (on garmin computers) a random spike appears, but this aside, the data is consistent and reliable. The ease to fit them and switch between bikes (if needed) makes them stand out from the competition in my opinion.

    Just note, if you do have a garmin bike computer then you don't (at the moment) get all the cycling dynamics.

    If you get them you won't be disappointed.
  • nicklongnicklong Posts: 231
    I've got a Vector (S) on mine and there's no issue.
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