Thucking Thursday...

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Morning Losers!

I think I might be ill as I haven't been eating properly for a few days now, and today I feel quite weak and trembling. I think this is an excuse for a bacon butty.

Today is another subdued day at work, followed by some climbing at Leeds Wall hopefully.

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    Thank thuck it's thursday.

    Today i have been woken by the sound of the horns and dogs of the local hunt going through the woods outside our land, hopefully they'll avoid our land but maybe bring us some meat when they catch whatever they are chasing!

    More unpacking today, see if we can make some headway!

    Anyway you workers, enjoy work and keep it quiet! Ok?
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  • tlw1
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    In Solihull today, so an early start and a nice 5 mile run before work started is good

    Now work meh
  • step83
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    Last day of my working week (yay) Operation though tomorrow (boo) planning to fettle an bodge the bike tomorrow before going in then my recovery tomorrow will be spent on the mothers car. Been given the brilliantly vague fault of a clunk when turning :roll:
  • rockmonkeysc
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    Last day of the working week (good) Wrecked front bumper on my nice shiny Jag which I have had for two weeks. Forking fly tipping pikeys didn't even get their crap off the road on a blind bend. Ruined my weekend already.
  • Let down on a sale of my two month old sofa that is too big (yes I measured, just looks too big), was meant to sell and downsize to one in the same range.

    Oh well in other news Chris Moyles is coming in our ears again :)
  • oodboo
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    Hola biches,

    As usual, it's my Friday. The weather has been good to me this week and riding has been warm enough and dry enough to keep me happy. Work was meh but change of site meant for some good banter. Might go back there more often seeing as I can work from pretty much anywhere and as long as I do some stuff then my boss doesn't care where I am. Wherever I lay my hat and all that, or in my case, helmet.

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    Evening Pervs,

    Been out for a free dinner with some tax anoraks and the Inland Revenue. Had enough wine fo help ne sleep, just hope I stay awake on the train home :)
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