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Upgrade by stealth!

unsure_go fasterunsure_go faster Posts: 2
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I have a Scott Reflex 20 (2007) which doesn't get as much use as it did (don't hate me but due to a roadie and CX) but I want to get it back to respectable. Wifey will not tolerate me buying another bike so it will be upgrade by stealth! It's a mix of Deore and LX (9sp) with Dart 2 forks. My thoughts currently are: replace LX rear mech and cassette with SLX or XT 9sp at the back, replace forks, consider upgrading the Juicy 3s. Looking around XT 9 sp still seems easier to get new but I'm happy with decent 2nd hand. I've always meant to change the forks but reached a point where I knew how they responded and they were 'fine', especially for a 90+Kg rider. I'd like to upgrade them now though although not sure what is half decent and what a decent 2nd hand option might be. Any thoughts appreciated.

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