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Production Privee Shan build

ilovedirtilovedirt Posts: 5,798
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Got a bit fed up of my Ariel frame, for mechanical reasons (it rides great though), so I got myself a PP Shan frame for the winter, and built it up with the kit off the ariel. Looks good so far.

This is the limited 917 colour, and looks absolutely stunning in the flesh :) Think I got no.26 or something


First ride was this last weekend, and it rides as good as it looks. Took it to Ae and Glentress and rode a mixture of trail centre stuff and steep techy off-piste. I've gotta say, this thing shreds! Apart from obviously being a handful on fast, rocky stuff, it's amazing everywhere else. It excels on steep, tight techy trails, and absolutely rails corners. I love this thing! Though I think my wheels are going to get a bit battered...
Production Privee Shan

B'Twin Triban 5


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