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Great service example Bird cycle works.

mike hunts alpinemike hunts alpine Posts: 765
edited October 2015 in MTB general
Just a bit of praise for bird cycle works really, as often bad experiences are shared and never positive ones. Anyway had some issues with an xfusion fork of my bird zero, dropped them an email they collected it and got it sorted and back to me within a few days which is usually the amount of time it takes to get a reply from other places. Only issue being when I got the fork back it had some bad cosmetic damage when I opened the box. Dropped Dave an email with some photos and got an instant reply with various options; monetary compo, new fork or cheap upgrade to a better fork. I settled on the new fork but the new fork is out of stock until the end of this month, however they agreed to let me continue using this one until the new one is ready. All in all 10/10 took ownership of the issue, didn't pass the book, speedy response and going that extra mile by letting me use the fork in the meantime.
These guys have their service down to a t and it's really going to serve them well with customer loyalty and recommendations. Keep up the good work guys.


  • Awesome! Hard to find good service these days.. My LBS want $10 to try on shoes (makes me feel uncomfortable so I don't shop there).
    Stay positive people :)
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