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focus mares 1.0 2016

tonyhoggtonyhogg Posts: 115
edited October 2015 in Cyclocross
Currently looking at a focus mares in the medium frame size which they class as a 56cm even though the top tube is only 55cm.

I understand cross bikes bb is higher for clearance etc compared to a road bike, slightly concerned the seat tube of 56cm and the reach might be out in comparison to my current bikes, colnago c60 in 52 sloping with a 110mm stem, got the seat at roughly 74.5cm high, 5ft 10.5, 32" inseam, got a chance to try the small focus mares frame size which has a 54cm top tube but I'm sure this won't help much in deciding? any thoughts/advice would be appreciated, used to ride a kinesis cx bike in medium 54cm top tube, found it fit ok.


  • trek_dantrek_dan Posts: 1,366
    I'm 5' 10" and ride a 54cm Mares. You definitely want to size down not up for cross.
  • tonyhoggtonyhogg Posts: 115
    they've changed the geometry slightly this year but I find numbers confusing unless you can actually try the bike in person, I just find the reach too much on large 56cm and above road bike frames
  • gazedsgazeds Posts: 182
    Hi Tony, I've just bought a cx mares, 51, i a am 5ft 8, and it's a perfect fit. I would think a 56 would be on the big side for you
  • tonyhoggtonyhogg Posts: 115
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