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I have been debating which pair of gloves to go for and wanted some thoughts on owners of Castelli Chiro vs the Nano XT. I will throw in the lightness glove in there for arguments sake :)

I commute in all weathers and my endura gloves recently took the brunt of an accident so some of the stitching has come loose. Ive done some DIY on the gloves and it will hold, but after 3 seasons I think I can allow myself a new pair of gloves.

Granted the Chiro 3 retail for £51, Nano is £27.50 and the Lightness is at £25.50. Is the Chiro worth the extra?

To throw a curveball I do like the look of Rapha Pro team Gloves, but only because Im yet to make my first rapha purchase :P

Thanking in advance for advice/reviews and suggestions of other gloves. Hoping to make a purchase this week :)
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