Pacing Long Climbs on Big Events with a Power Meter

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I've been using a power meter for about a year, but really don't know how to judge my pace on big events like the Maratona. My FTP is around 280 watts but am not sure how hard to go on the early climbs on events like Maratona. I typically find i go too easy and end up climbing around 200/220 watts and find I hven't gone hard enough by the end and get a slow time.

What percentage of FTP should you climb at in a big event to get a good time but not completely 'blow-up' towards the end?



  • It depends on many things not just FTP.
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    I'd be taking them at top of tempo so about 80-85% FTP then see how much you have left in the tank for the last 1-2 climbs.
  • Best advice is to set a benchmark on a mock climb and work out what your limit is.

    If you've got data to work from already, you may be able to work a limit out. Or hire a coach to do that for you!
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    If your FTP is 280W then climbing at 250-260W should be comfortable. -wheel building and other stuff.