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Knee problems

gazman1gazman1 Posts: 77
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Evening all, ok I have started to have problems with both knees, firstly my right knee just above and inner felt right for a couple of weeks, now if I kneel it feels painful plus pain below kneecap. Secondly left has been painful inside but now is at the back. I am using one sided clipless pedals but haven't ridden for a week, these issues have worsened over the past few days. Any ideas? Thank you, Gaz


  • DAZZ_ADAZZ_A Posts: 74
    There are so many factors which can lead to injuries.

    Cleat position, saddle height to pick on the obvious. There is lots of information online to dial in your geometry yourself, failing that I'm sure someone will come along a pond recommend a £300 bike fitting session.

    One point to mention mind. Do you warm up before heading out?

    (If the pain persists maybe medical advice would be more suitable than a forum)
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    Try some flat pedals to rule out any problems there. Also saddle height can be a factor, too high and your knees are over extended as you stretch to reach the pedals . Have a look at KOPS for saddle positioning.
  • gazman1gazman1 Posts: 77
    Thanks for the replies guys I will try your recommendations cheers, but also the issues don't occur whilst riding but a couple of days afterwards.
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,748
    Sorry to hear about your problem.
    Your symptoms sound identical to an injury i have been struggling with for a couple of months.

    Its definitely worth getting a bike fit and checking cleat positions etc.

    FWIW I had had a bike fit and the pain in my knee seemed to flare up out of nowhere 2 years later. I saw the Dr who claimed i had damaged my MCL. I did not accept this though as i couldn't see how i could have done so (hadn't had any impacts or falls). In the end i decided to see a physio/sports therapist. After an examination she identified a combination of patellar tendonitis and (wait for it) Goose foot bursitis. I honestly laughed when she said the latter. What the F was goose's foot?? I thought she had made it up. However, its extremely common in runners and cyclists and is caused by overuse. The symptoms are identical to medial ligament damage and unfortunately the only cure is rest.

    Anyway, the key is not only to identify what the injury is and how to treat it but also to figure out what has caused it in the first place.

    Hope you feel better soon
  • gazman1gazman1 Posts: 77
    Redvision, thank you for a. Your concern and b. Your answers, I actually laughed too lol, I will look into it, I have actually been having pain in my feet too come to think of it so maybe there is a link.
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,748
    Redvision, thank you for a. Your concern and b. Your answers, I actually laughed too lol, I will look into it, I have actually been having pain in my feet too come to think of it so maybe there is a link.

    I know, i honestly thought she was having a laugh. Why it is given that name i don't know, but the treatment is working and i am now back on the bike and able to push without pain for the first time in ages.

    One thing to note, i didn't have any foot pain. Are you experiencing hot spot or general foot pain?
    I would have a good look at your shoes and cleats as they will be the likely culprits for that.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    ... I saw the Dr who...

    If was that Chris Eccleston, he was rubbish.
    ... What the F was goose's foot??

    From google:

    The pes anserine bursa is found in the knee joint, between the tibia and the pes anserinus tendons that connect the tibia and hamstring muscles. This group of tendons were named after their appearance — Pes anserinus is Latin for “goosefoot.” Goosefoot bursitis of the knee is a potentially painful condition in which the pes anserine bursa becomes inflamed, which can affect the knee’s range of motion.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Oh, and I have been having quite a few problems this year with my knees and it has been probably linked to a predisposition I have to tendonitis. I got Patello Femoral syndrome in one knee and now have very similar symptoms in the other. Not a lot of fun but ice worked well at the start followed by a lot of rest and then strengthening/mobility exercises supervised through physio. It can take ages to calm down though but, like most overuse injuries, the one thing to not to do is to ignore the problem and carry on as though nothing is wrong.
  • MattsarMattsar Posts: 11
    I never had a knee pain.
    Yesterday when I started using clipless pedals for the first time I felt pain in my knees after the ride ):
    I do have the pain until now .
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