2006 s-works Roubaix headset bearings

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I have a 2006 s works frame in need of a replacement headset. I took it apart to find loose ball bearings sitting inside the frame in a metal cup. It as simple as packing the cups with grease and filling with bearings or will I need a whole new headset?



  • keef66
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    If the bearing races are still smooth with no obvious rust or pitting, then I'd clean it all up and try fitting new ball bearings and a generous helping of grease.

    Reminds me, I must have a look at the headset in my 2007 Racelight Tk before winter sets in. It still feels smooth, and it's always been used with mudguards, but 8 years / 7 winters riding....
  • That's called a mindset headset spesh bikes of that era have them instead of drop in cartridge bearings. Many of us removed the mindset system, knocked out the cups and fitted cartridge bearings instead. Cartridge bearings are much easier to replace and are pretty much maintenance free - if they go you just pop em out and drop in a replacement, if you want to do that search on here for mindset bearings it's been discussed many times and there are threads with very detailed how to.

    As keef says though if your races etc look ok clean it up and a re grease will keep it running smooth.

    If you want to know bearings sizes scroll down to 2006 page here