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Girls Cycling Cambridge/St Neots region

canyon_jockeycanyon_jockey Posts: 2
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Are there any girls out there who cycle on Saturdays and wouldn't mind an extra joining up? I live near St Neots and do some low-key club riding on Sundays but would be keen to do longer, faster rides on Saturdays! :D


  • olake92olake92 Posts: 182
    Have you tried asking around Cambridge CC? There are quite a few girls/women who ride with them. Also, Cambridge Tri club do a group ride on Saturdays of varying speeds, plenty of women on that. It only looks like a 25 minute drive and it's not unfeasible as the ride starts at Impington village college at 10:30, then heads on to Dry Drayton for a secondary 'pick up' around 10:45-11.
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  • vectra0vectra0 Posts: 128
    Yes as stated Cambridge tri club ride is the best bet on Saturdays. Lots of women, including pro and semi pro level for faster rides and slower groups as well. Camb CC and st Neots CC on sundays are best bet.
    If you start at IVC one thing to note is very few head back there, usually dispersing as they come back through town. So you’ll probably need to find your way back there. There is an optional cafe stop at Melbourne garden centre, then it’s pretty fast back to Cambridge for a sprint to little shelford sign.
    The slower groups take it a bit easier but still like to ramp it it a little at the end. All good fun and you’ll soon make friends.
  • vectra0vectra0 Posts: 128
    Haha just seen the date on this thread! You’re probably way ahead of the game now lol
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