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NewbiesoldierriderNewbiesoldierrider Posts: 17
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Afternoon all, thought it was about time I introduced myself as I've used this site for reference a numerous times.

Hi, my names Chris. Originally from Cornwall but now I'm based a stones' throw from Southampton. I used to ride as a kid, many years ago, and In the last few years have got back into MTB.
I got my MIAS level 1 about two years ago and have taken a few groups to Whinlatter each year since. I finally got my hands on my MTB bike about three/four months ago and have since started upgrading it, I'll put a thread in rides soon enough but in the meantime. I'm riding a 18" Carerra Kraken with Bomber Marzocchi 03 front suspension and I've recently added a set of American Classic wheels.

I'm hoping to take my riding further, both teaching and racing. I'm looking forward to learning and being shown the 'light' lol.
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