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Indoor training: videos with workout music

MontiMonti Posts: 4
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I am new to this forum. I am living in Belgium, close to the city of Leuven, which is located quite centrally in the country.
As many of you, I am spending quite some time on my bike, both on my race bike as on my mountain bike.

Now that the winter is approaching, I am getting prepared for a large number of indoor training sessions on my bike. I am afraid these training sessions are not always a lot of fun. Indoor training in my house in a small room is not really a natural biotope for a cyclist.

To remedy this, I always select a cycling video on YouTube. This could be a video of a classic cycling race like the Tour of Flanders, a stage in the Tour de France, a climb of a mountain in the Alps,…
Recently I bought a GoPro 4 and made a video of my classic MTB training track in my home town/region. Afterwards I have added some workout music to it and posted the video on YouTube.

See hereby the link to the video:

I was wondering whether other people on this forum have made such videos (MTB/cycle track with workout music) as well? I am really looking forward to it as I would love some variation in my indoor/evening training sessions.

Thanks in advance !


Hereby a link to the same video, but without workout music (a matter of taste :? )
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