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Anybody made their own tool roll?

IanRCarterIanRCarter Posts: 217
edited October 2015 in Road beginners
Something like this and
I know you can buy them, I just think it's pretty cool to make your own, that way it's unique, you can choose your own material and colours and the pockets can be made to a size which fits your tools.

If anybody has made their own, I'd be interested to hear about what materials you used, any extra features (such as zipped pockets, sewn in straps etc.) and of course, any pictures you want to post would be great.

I was thinking about using PU coated nylon for mine, which should give it a bit of waterproofing to protect everything inside. Strapped to the bike with a leather toe strap, possibly with a hole near the end of the roll for the strap to go through so the roll can't just slide out of the strap without me noticing.
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