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Colnago v1-r ?

josoufjosouf Posts: 2
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Good morning,
Let me start with a quick introduciton, I am 35 years old, I started cycling a year ago after many years of running. I typically can ride 180kms at an average speed of 32kmh.

I am currently riding a rose bike cgf di2, I thought for a first bike it was amazing value for money.

Now here is the question, I am very tempted to treat myself and go for a more "racy" bike, and contemplating the colnago v1-r at the minute, and as I am pretty new to cycling I was wondering wether I would really see a difference between the two ? is it worth the expense, or not at all ?

Would there be any other alternatives ?

Many thanks


  • Yes, you will notice a massive difference!

    We have a v1-r test bike - it is light, stiff, responsive and aerodynamic
    When we first rode it, it didn't feel quicker, but Strava told a different story when we downloaded the ride stats
    It's now the go to bike when i need to go out with the faster younger lads, as it's the easiest one to keep up on!!

    Only downside, and it's a personal issue - the front end isn't low enough for me - i prefer a racier style, so could lose several cm off the headtube!!
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