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Another one of those "help me choose a bike" threads

blacksheep515blacksheep515 Posts: 2
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First-off - Thank you in advance!
Secondly - Sorry

So, I have been reading forums, searching the internet, looking at manufacturer websites, talking to local bike shops - man, this is tiring.....:( I don't know how you all made a choice to purchase a motorcycle.

Anyways, I have finally decided to make a post in hopes that someone provides me some guidance or advice...

I am looking for an all-around bike with a somewhat comfortable riding position that I can ride mainly on-road and trails as well as on mud and gravel if I need to. Honestly, I don't want to biff it and am not a fan of pain, but I would like to try gravel sometime :)

Something more comfortable and possibly all-purpose. I want to go

My choices are as follows:

1) Giant AnyRoad 2 -

Pros: ergo sub-levers, shimano tiagra, 10 speed
Cons: Heavier, bad rep in bike community

2) Raliegh Willard 1 -

Pros: trp dual piston disc brakes,
Cons: Shimano Sora

3) Specialized Diverge Elite DSW -

Pros: 40c tires, Gallardo Orange :)
Cons: More expensive, bad rep in community

If there are any others I should be looking at, let me know, please. :mrgreen:

Thanks so much, I am sure posts like these can be quite annoying to veterans!


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