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On-One Pickenflick - Ymmy Ti

cat_with_no_tailcat_with_no_tail Posts: 12,981
edited October 2015 in Your road bikes
Reduced to £1,500 on the PX website the other week, so figured......... why not? Always fancied a Ti bike!

Built up with SRAM Rival HRD 22. Not had SRAM road stuff before, and so far I'm a big fan of double tap. Although I do miss block shifting like you get on Campy gear.
Brakes work well. I'm used to discs from MTBs, but the improvement in performance when used on a road(ish) bike is significant!
Wheels are Fulcrum racing sport. Pretty basic but seem quite well put together. Tyres are WTB Cross Boss 35mm.
I'll be attempting to mount the tyres tubeless soon. Don't see any reason why it wont work. Rims seem tubeless ready, and the tyres are definitely tubeless ready.
Frame seems really well made. Very tidy welds and nice tube profiles.

Going to get a spare set of wheels for the road eventually. For now though I'm enjoying the freedom to do a bit of both when I go out. Really opens up the options when you're out on a (solo) ride.

It came in the biggest box I've ever seen. Bike was completely assembled, just rolled it out the box and turned the bars and fitted the pedals. Boom! Done!

Clearance is absolutely insane. 35mm tyres fitted and STILL bags of room!

Delivery was pretty quick. Took about a week from placing the order.

So...... yeh, that's about it.














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