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LBS / internet etiquette

CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
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Have just been to my LBS to get my gears tweaked - something I would normally do myself but am mid house move.
I also mentioned it was creaking so the guy looked at the chain and said it was pretty worn and the cassette could probably do with replacing too.

So, now I have a choice. Do I leave it to the LBS to sort it out or do I just buy the stuff online and save myself £50+?
Or is there a third option?


  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,286
    I think if I'd put the bike into the LBS and asked them to diagnose the problem I might then give them the business of replacing the parts. But let them know I'm aware of how cheaply they can be bought on the internet so they don't take the pi$$. Also consider cheaper parts; if for instance you're running 10 speed 105, ask them to fit a Tiagra 10 speed cassette.

    Then get a chain checker and use it frequently, and DIY next time.

    ETA actually, I've just reread your post and see you put it in for gears tweaking. If that's sorted then retrieve the bike. Get the chain checker. If the chain is worn then buy one online and DIY. If the new chain skips on the old cassette and doesn't settle down after a few rides, replace that too.
  • grenwgrenw Posts: 785
    If it's just chain and cassette then with the right tools its a 10 minute job so I'd be taking it home. Creaking could be anything though.

    I'm pretty open with my LBS and vice versa. They will always charge RRP for parts but fit them for free. They are also happy for me to buy online and then fit them for me for a fee. Usually the latter works out the better deal unless I'm in a rush.
  • FlâneurFlâneur Posts: 3,027
    I'd prob buy the tools such as the chain checker in the LBS but fit it myself. Failing that see if they can move on the price?
    Stevo 666 wrote: Come on you Scousers! 20/12/2014
  • Afraid I just bought a chain and cassette at Wiggle. Both had big reductions on them.
    Have got all the cassette / chain tools at home so will have to live with feeling bad, but saving at least £50.

    Maybe I'll buy a chain checker tool from them.
  • It is a real problem for shops I wouldn't feel too bad shops are used to it. I can't remember the art time I sold a 105 cassette. Don't even bother buying them anymore as they cannot be sold for a profit. A loss yes profit no its that bad now. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • I wouldn't feel too bad shops are used to it.

    A bit surprised (but happy to read this). I worry that in 15 years time there's will be no shops left (lbs or otherwise)!

    PS I'm guilty we even do our weekly shop online. It's just so easy and convenient and money's tight so hard to resists savings. As I do it though I worry I'm helping kill real world retail.
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Cassettes, chains and tyres are something I'd never buy at an LBS unless I was desperate to get something that day, they always seem to be full rrp in LBSs and heavily discounted on-line.
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