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Cleats causing knee pain

JGCJGC Posts: 6
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I got some Keo Blade 2 pedals fitted on my new road bike. They come with grey cleats, which I fitted (Mavic Giova shoes). I have been to a couple of bike-fitting places since because I get a bit of a pulling feeling in my meniscus area in my right leg after riding that bike, even if it's not a long ride, and for the next couple of days. I have hyperlaxity in my hip and knee on that side and so walk with a turned out foot on that side. I've had a lot of physio and am probably as "fixed" as I ever will be.

The bike-fitters weren't really able to sort this out, as I guess it's quite a specific problem. Has anyone had pain in this area? Should I change to the red cleats? Or would it be worth trying to reposition the cleats so my toe is marginally pointing outwards? I use click'r pedals on my commuting bike and have never had this problem.


  • Hi there.

    It may be worthwhile - assuming the fitters you used previously didn’t have the tech - to find a bike shop that does the Look Keo Fit system:

    I’m lucky enough to have an LBS that does this and since using it I’ve had zero issues with foot and knee pain. If I move to another shoe brand I always get retested just to make sure the cleats are bang on. It really works for me and it might help your issue.
  • where does your foot sit on the pedal with the cleat and without the cleat? If the cleat is forcing you into a strange position then you will have pain. If your foot/leg needs to rotate more than the cleat allows then you will have problems. I would consider the speedily system as an alternative possibly. Also if you have a leg length difference this will make a big impact
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