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FSA Gossamer and Hope Road BB

HugiumHugium Posts: 3
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I've lurked about on here for ages but this is post number 1, so hello.
I've done a fair bit of searching around forums and the comments on ChainReaction and came to the conclusion that the megaexo BB's are pretty toilet and others will do the job. I've opted for Hope but having got the BB in I am having a bit of an issue getting the crankarm in. It's a little snugger than I would usually accept as 'snug' and will have to give it a fair tap to get it in. Has anyone else had this? Just want to check before I give it too firm a tap and f*** the BB.
I've checked the megaexo BB which states a 24mm diameter and Hope state that their BB is compatible with a 24mm spindle so theoretically it 'should' be all good.


  • I tried this and failed.

    The FSA Gossamer MegaExo chainset will fit a Shimano HT 2 BB because it has a plastic top hat style inner.
    It is a tight fit and needs some gentle taps from a mallet. I think it works because the plastic deforms a bit.

    The Hope HT2 BB I bought is all metal and it did not fit. I think its just out of tolerance. I asked Hope if it would fit and they said not. I think if you hit it hard you would definitely wreck something.

    If you have not marked the Hope BB return it and buy a HT2. Ultegra / 105 are only £10-£15 or you can buy an MTB one as you get more spacers if the chainline needs a bit of a tweek after replacing the BB. Mine did and I have 1mm on the drive side.

    They last for a lot longer than the MegaExo BB.
  • I thought it was a little bit too tight. Thanks for confirming. I shall return and get one of the shimano ones instead.
  • paulbnixpaulbnix Posts: 475
    One thing I forgot to mention is that it is a lot easier to fit if you leave the NDS bearing off until you have installed the crank. There is only one tight fitting top hat to push it through then. Then just install the NDS bearing.
    Same with removing - take the NDS bearing off first and the crank should come out with a gentle tap.
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