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Shimano 105 FD-5600 and FD-5700 compatibility

teamcraneteamcrane Posts: 64
edited September 2015 in Workshop
I have a 2009 Felt Z35 with a Shimano 105 5600 group set. The front derailleur had become worn and I replaced it with an FD-5700. Problems now appeared in the form of bad chain rub. This I could not eliminate.
On measuring the distance between the side plates I found the FD-5700 was 2mm narrower than the FD-5600.
Does this mean that a FC-5700 crank set is narrower between the rings to compensate or what is the difference?
I am debating whether to buy an FC- 5700 crank set as the FD-5600 is now unavailable.
Any Ideas?


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,132
    They are both 10sp, however I suppose there could be a difference in the distance between the chairings of the two chainsets. Are you getting chain rub when using the trim function?
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