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lapierre zesty vs dmr bolt (l)

dansefty67dansefty67 Posts: 6
edited September 2015 in MTB buying advice
I'm looking into buying a new bike for trail riding. I also enjoy dirt jumping/ DH as an added extra. Will I be able to do the climbing aspects on a bolt or similar with a dropper post compared to a trail rig?


  • One of my mates rides a Bolt. It's almost certainly more hard work going uphill than the Lappierre but it is indestructible and a pretty handy DH and Dirt jump bike.
    The Lappierre is OK but a bit fragile.
    These two are an odd two bikes to choose, how did you get down to this choice?
  • I love to ride trail but don't care so much about the climbs and am more interested in descents. The reason why I considered the bolt is because I can DJ on the bolt and that's my other favoured discipline.
    Yes it is an odd choice but when I looked into it I figured they are two options.
  • The Zesty will last about five minutes before the frame snaps.
    If you want to do DJ as well the the Bolt has to be the one to go for. It's also a pretty decent enduro and mini DH bike. Duncan Ferris still gets top results in DH and enduro races on his Bolt and occasionally wins 4x races on it.
  • Brilliant, thank you.
    You don't think I'll have too much trouble on the short trail climbs?
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,792
    Depends how fit you are, but no it will just be harder work.
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