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cycling across IRAN

prismepprismep Posts: 6
edited November 2015 in Tour & expedition
hi there everyone I am Qamar I want to ask a question from you all to let me know some things about this...

I want to cycle across Iran, and back. I want to know what kind of things i need to know for this and can I get some funding for this too.

thank you


  • Bo DukeBo Duke Posts: 1,058
    Funding is something I can't comment on, you have t work that out yourself.

    I've been to Iran twice and had a great time in a wonderful country with very cultured people so there are 101 good reasons to go. On the reverse side the visa situation is complicated, officials are naturally suspicious and I'm not sure they'd like the randomness of a cycling schedule/route without known, planned stops. You'd also have to plan the season you travel in as obviously it gets hot...

    An alternative adventure destination would be Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan or Tadjikistan. Having spent 3 ears over there, I'd suggest Tadjikistan is the most beautiful, Uzbekistan the more interesting but Turkmenistan has the most beautiful girls. Quite a conundrum.
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