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Wheel Decal Removal

ProzProz Posts: 136
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Hi everyone
As the title suggests I'm considering removing the decals from my 50 mm carbon clinchers.
Is it simply a case of pulling the stickers off and removing any residue or should i use a little heat to soften any adhesive ? (hairdrier)
I would be extremely carefull with the heat but would it be recommended at all ?
The decals seem fairly well stuck down. The wheels are a matt finish so I assume there's no varnish or top coat.

Cheers ☺
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  • trailflowtrailflow Posts: 1,311
    I would not use a heat gun as it may soften the resin holding the carbon together. No matter how carefully you think you are doing it. Could be an excellent way to ruin a pefectly fine set of wheels. Matt carbon wheels are laquered with a very thin clear coat. Not much protection from heat.
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Hair dryer applying gradual heat until the decal starts to loosen. Pull the decal as far as you can until it is starting to tear and apply the hairdryer again.
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  • Agreed re hair dryer. Use it to loosen, peel off the decal, dab on some citrus degreaser to the remaining glue, leave for 5 mins, wipe off and either wipe clean with some soapy water or for a pristine factory fresh surface wipe with pure acetone. Here's a wee vid from Zipp minus the citrus degreaser which I feel you need if the decals are old:
  • ProzProz Posts: 136
    Thanks everyone ... gives me something to go on

    Boardman AiRPro C
    Boardman FS Team 650b
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