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Cannondale Trigger 2 27.5 carbon

apc1apc1 Posts: 49
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Seen this bike reduced by 50% from £3,999 to £1,999 (was actually £1,799 for a while but has gone back up) on Paul's Cycles website.

Fantastic spec and some good reviews, so why so cheap?
Not the best looking bike I have ever seen and concerned I might not 'love it' as much as other bikes I've owned but it has to last me 6-7 years which Is how long I tend to keep my bikes.

Sometimes I think you need to pay more for something you really want (with smaller discount)...... or am I stupidly about to pass on a fantastic deal?


  • It's a really great bike. The reason they get reduced is that a lot of people are put off by the lefty fork and the pull shock. Both work brilliantly, the lefty is as good as any other fork and surprisingly stiff. The pull shock also works extremely well.
    If you don't like the fork it can be replaced with a conventional one. The pull shock cannot, there are no alternative shocks which will fit this frame. The shock is made by Fox so it's a quality bit of kit and can be tuned.
  • nasha48nasha48 Posts: 231
    My mate bought the carbon trigger 26" last year for a similar discount from Paul's Cycles. He's been pretty happy with it, lefty feels fine and I've had a go on it too and feels light and plush. He has had a problem with the BB though which seemed to be on the cheap side and he had to go through Paul's Cycles to get replacement under warranty. Look for the stem recall note though if it's the same one.
  • OJSOJS Posts: 130
    I was gonna get the Trigger Carbon 1 26 when they were selling them for 3k a year and a half back. I didnt in the end as the shock and fork put me off. I got a stumpy, which was great, but i never really loved it.

    So when Pauls dropped it to 2500 i took a hit on the stumpy and bought it. Its brilliant, its so quick up to speed and light to climb, the suspension is ace both ends and the wheels are great too. So if your a medium consider that and save 3k.

    However, I can see the draw with the 27.5 carbon 2 at 2k too, especially as its the new wheel size and 2015 model. Im sure you would love it and it is a bargain. Saw one in Cycle Surgery today at 3.3k and it is a great looking bike and spec for that. Dont think the fork is in the recall as it doesn't have the opi stem, it has the newer shorter stem that goes with the supermax lefty. But even if it did if got mine sorted through my local shop easy enough.

    I am a sucker for Cannondales though!

    Only annoying bit was a roof rack that is compatible with carbon and leftys. But a yakima rack sorted that.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,792
    As stated the shock is perfectly good though harder to replace (I suspect you could get a DT Swiss Pull shock in the right size as well), the Lefty forks got left behind on damping for a while but the revamps 2(?) years ago has brought them right back into contention, there are fewer front hubs available and you won't pick up many second hand front wheels, none of these would be a deal breaker for me though.
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  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    I got one recently (at £1799 but would have paid £2000), happy with it so far. It was a slightly odd purchase as I'd only just sorted my 2009 Zesty out after being away from MTBing for a couple of years and wasn't really looking for a new bike so didn't really have the excitement either once it was on order. Very happy with it now I've got it and ridden it. I wouldn't actually say it's a million mile away from the Zesty's ride but seems to carry speed better.
    I had to change the tyres straight away (the Crossrocs it comes with are terrible) and the only other complaint I've got so far is I'm feeling more trail chatter through the bars than with my Zesty (which has a 2012 or 13 Fox CTD fork). I'm hoping this is just because the Lefty is new and needs to bed in a bit (still need to drop the tyre pressures a bit to), it's not a big deal but was noticeable.
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