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MTB crash Greno Woods 25/09/2015

ollienorthollienorth Posts: 12
edited September 2015 in MTB general
Hi All,

I had a bad crash in Greno in the above date, as a result I have no memory of that whole day, only bits.

I'm trying to piece together what happened. What I do know (even though I have no recollection) is that I parked my car in Greno woods car park and set off on trail. I ended up in the Northern General at 17:00 and have no idea how an ambulance was alerted to me or who put my bike back in my car.

I can only assume I knocked myself out on trail and someone helped me somewhere along the way.

If anyone did come across me can you let me know? I was in a green Bell helmet, Green goggles, red Industry one shorts and a red & white striped industry one top, riding (or not at the time) a Norco Range.




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