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Rockrider big 8 or Calibre 2 2

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Hi all. I am a leisure biker with a Raleigh pioneer hybrid. Increasingly we are going out with the kids on forest trails. I am considering a new bike more suited to this. Price range would be £300 - £500 and have narrowed my search down to a hard tail. I am considering the following two:-
Go outdoors calibre 2 2 at £379

And decathlon Rockrider big 8 at £499

I would think both are massively over specced for what I need but I want something that will last.
Which do you think is the best bike and which one represents the best value?


  • Anyone got any thoughts on either of these two?
  • larkimlarkim Posts: 2,450
    Anyone got any thoughts on either of these two?
    Rockrider is a better spec overall, but that's reflected in its price.

    It's a 29er so "bigger" - perfectly well suited for riding around with kids (I bought a 29er for that very reason - adaptable to easy rolling on the roads, fine off road). Better fork, "better" drive train (10x rather than 9x) but for the use you're planning, makes no real difference. Slightly lighter too.

    Both will last if you look after them, and will last longer the better you maintain them! Decathlon's lower offerings would get you closer to £300, and also be perfectly fine for Dad-riding on forest trails.

    Neither are a bad choice, IMHO.
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  • Rockrider 8 not available anymore, is it temporary or have decathlon decided to pull it away from offer?
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    You could ask Decathlon.
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